Most Prevalent Heart Complications

Your heart could be regarded as the most prime organ for your well being, fitness and a healthy stability of various body parts. It acts as a core of your body and facilitators purified blood to different organs. You must have heard of various critical heart issues which are caused by unhealthy eating habits and excessive use of alcohol. Let’s have a look on major distinguished heart problems which could be cured and prevented by taking strict precautions.

heart health

Heart attack

It is considered as one of the most lethal heart malfunctioning which could be cured due to a significant increase in Cholesterol level. It comes out as a perilous heart disease which could be noticed with the below mentioned symptoms-

  • One feels a great pain below his breastbone, in his both arms and over his chest.
  • There is a sudden trigger of tremendous pressure and heaviness on chest.
  • One might feel choked or stuck in a particular position.
  • There could be intensive sweating, dizziness and even vomiting in certain cases.
  • One figures out that his heart beat increases to a great extent.
  • Heartbeat could also become irregular.

Although these symptoms are usually found but there could be a situation in which a person might get an extreme heart attack without any mentioned symptoms. Such attack is considered as a Myocardial Infarction. It is generally found among the individuals suffering from diabetes and who don’t give significance to their heart health.


You ought to give a special preference to your heart health as there are several hazardous diseases which could be immensely risky for your life. Arrhythmias is another prevalent complication which is found in many mid aged individuals. The disease has the following symptoms-

  • One’s heart rhythm or the speed of heart beat could be significantly abnormal.
  • One feels that he is skipping heart beats and there is a flip flop movement on his chest.
  • Blood pressure goes down and there is a feeling of extreme lowness and dizziness.
  • There could be sudden complication in breathing and one might faint down due to a great discomfort in chest.
  • A person becomes weak and his body parts especially face becomes pale.

Arterial Fibrillation

The disease is another major form of Arrhythmias and there could be patients who do not show any particular symptoms even while tackling this lethal heart problem. The major signs for identifying the disease could be underlined as mentioned below-

  • One feels a great loss in his energy levels and finds it completely difficult to perform any laborious task.
  • There are consistent breathing problems
  • One complains for a sudden increase in heart beats.
  • Pain in chest and shoulders.

Heart failure

Medical practitioners and health specialists guide you to take a special care for your heart health by altering your cooking oil, changing your lifestyle bustles and by learning yoga. If you don’t give significance to your heart complications, the ultimate consequences could be highly critical. Heart failure is one of the most dangerous stages and has the below mentioned symptoms-

  • One takes out a white sputum while coughing very heavily and it could take place at a regular interval.
  • Nausea, weakness, irregular beats and chest pain are common. A person does not look active at all and wishes to stay on bed all the time.
  • You may figure out redness and swelling in legs, ankles and abdomen.

Heart diseases reach from one stage to another over a period of time due to your lack of awareness or irregular medication. Taking a cardinal care of heart health is predominant and this cannot be overlooked. If you plan a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits and involve cardiovascular exercises in our regime, all the mentioned diseases could be cured.

Diet for your heart

You might be suffering from any major heart complication and a specialized heart healthy diet could act as a best curing measure for it. You ought to take best care of your fat intake. Your Cholesterol level ought to be controlled by adding various low fat and sugar supplements. Nutritional experts guide that one must ass various green leafy vegetables and raw fruits for a healthy and easy digestion. You ought to incept taking fresh fruit juices and dry fruits in your diet. Extra virgin olive oil could be included for substituting your saturated fats. Protein and calcium intake should also be taken care of.

Best healthy foods for your heart

There are certain food articles which have the real nutritional and immunity increasing values for eradicating your different heart healthy foods with some remarkably extraordinary benefits-

(i). Yogurt- Nutritional experts suggest that a regular intake of yogurt helps in protecting you against gum and heart diseases. Researchers have evaluated that people who take yogurt in their diet have a strong immune system due to active growth of probiotics in their body.

(ii). Raisins and whole grains- Both grain and raisins are effective in providing an easier digestion and their food articles do not put any additional stress over your health.

(iii). Fish- It has been found that eating fish can lower down the risk of coronary heart disease to around 30%. Salmon and Tuna are the cardinal fishes which could be consumed weekly as they come out as the significant sources to provide Omega-3 fats which decreases down the levels of triglycerides in blood.